Solar at Sunshine

Sunshine Market installed its first solar collectors in 2001. We’ve continued to expand and improve our capacity over the years, thanks to Bill Echols of Echols Construction.

Sunshine Market currently has two solar roof installations and one over the parking lot. The modules are grouped into three arrays, which produce approximately 16 kilowatts of capacity. They feed directly into the building’s electric system, running all the store’s heating and cooling systems (as well as powering our plug-in Prius!), and because we make more electricity than we use, we export some of our output directly back onto the grid. 

Erecting the grid over the back parking lot that supports one of Sunshine Market’s solar installations (2011). Time-lapse video by Somewhere in the Woods Productions.


Roof view (click for full pic)

Here are several of the solar panels on our roof. This picture was taken in 2011. Since then, we’ve made a number of changes to our system, including additional panels.

building front solar_sm.jpg

Front view

From the front of the store you can see the panels peeking above our roof, as well as the solar awning over our front door.